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This recipe will clean your intestines by 15 kg poisons, that you have in them

In the bowels of each of us has 15 kilograms poisons that lead to serious diseases, so systematic treatment is of great importance!

Many people believe that to purify the intestines and the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to make an enema. However, this is far so because poisons and hazardous debris can not be cleared only by means of known and extremely unpleasant enema.

It’ll sound terrible, but the fact, reported by doctors, that in the gut of each of us has more than 15 kg poisons, that daily poison our bodies and make us sick.

It sounds creepy, but it’s completely credible – as we think that in our lives in our bodies undergo tons of food and thousands of liters of liquid.

Dispose of these weight venom from gut, that slowly kill you!


If you do not regularly clean the intestines, leading to serious diseases such as kidney problems, diabetes, obesity, impaired metabolism and even problems in hearing and sores.

There is no way, slags and toxins to cleanse themselves from our guts, if not help them. The good news is, that the way for this to happen, is fully guaranteed and even enjoyable to use.

It has long been proven that the best “cleaning” for the gut, is flaxseed meal or ground flaxseed. It appears in the recipe for cleaning the intestines, which makes them as brand new in just three weeks.

The recipe is simple, you need only flaxseed meal, but if you can not find such in stores, you can themselves to crushed flax seeds at home.

So, the rule is the following – the first week of the purification process, instead of breakfast should eat a spoonful of ground flaxseed meal or flaxseed dissolved in 100 grams of yogurt. This is done every single day, without breakfast else

In the second week taking every morning two tablespoons of flaxseed again dissolved in 100 grams of yogurt – every day, and in the third week three tbp. of flaxseed , but not dissolved in 100, but in 150 grams of yogurt.

It is! Make it and not only will feel much more healthy and energetic, but you will not notice how will remove by themselves the accumulated weight, excess weight resulting from “clogging” of your intestines.

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