Why do Doctors Keep this Simple Recipe away from the Public? Here’s how to get rid of Annoying Bunions With Regular Tea!

If you have bunions on your feet, you should know that they are simple salt deposits caused by inflammatory conditions and wearing of uncomfortable footwear. This is very annoying and painful problems – people who have them have a hard time finding comfortable walking shoes.

Bunions are usually treated with surgery, but you must know that there is a natural remedy that they can be removed. To do that, you need to cleanse your body of salt deposits.

What you need to do


Boil 300 ml. water and chopped bay leaves in a pot for five minutes, then pour tea in a thermos and leave it to stay whole night. In the morning, strain the mixture and drink throughout the day.

Treatment should take within 7 days, preparing new juice every night.

The drug will increase the need to go to the bathroom often – this is a sign that the body dissolve salt deposits. In just 10 days you will notice, the extraordinary results

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  1. I am ienterested in trying and sharing this recipe, but I cannot see how many bay leaves to chop (perhaps due to viewing on my tablet).

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