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Apply a Few Drops of Essential Oil of Frankincense To The Neck… After 1 Day Symptoms Of a Cold Will Disappear!

There are few types of essential oil of frankincense: lemon, pink and rose. This last is the most pure and scented products. Anyone who is going to buy a jar of frankincense oil, should bear in mind its name – Boswellia Carter.

Many people mistakenly believe that frankincense oil is only used in religious rituals. But today this oil is actively used in medicine, cosmetics and aromatherapy. We will share with you the the most beneficial advice for the use of essential oil of frankincense.

Benefits of essential oil of frankincense

Frankincense oil is very effective against bronchitis, colds and viral infections of the respiratory tract. For the treatment you need to do inhalation with the oil. Add 3 drops of water to boiling water and inhale the hot steam for approximately 5 minutes. Also, to get rid of the symptoms of colds, you need to apply a few drops of essential oil of frankincense to the neck twice a day.


Frankincense oil also promotes active hair growth. Straight hair elastic, strengthens hair follicles and even fight dandruff. For hair restoration with the help of oil from frankincense, you must add it to shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, by mixing four drops of oil with 10 ml of any base oil


Also, oil of frankincense helps in combating fine lines on the face and around the eyes. To get rid of such defects on the skin, it is necessary to mix one drop oil of frankincense, 2 drops of essential oil of lime and the same amount of rose oil. Apply the product every night around the eye area, avoiding contact with the mucosa.

To get rid of acne and pimples, you should apply onto the trouble spots from essential oil of frankincense 2 times a day


Also, if you rub with essential oil of frankincense the joints and lower back pain, you will get rid from the symptoms of gout, arthritis and sciatica.

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