Russian Doctors Revealed, How To Deal With Clogged Nose In 1 Minute

This simple breathing exercise was invented by Russian doctors. Just in 1 minute you can effectively clear the blocked nose.

Experts say, that the method works in 85% of people

Squeeze with your fingers stuffy nose. Your mouth must also be closed at all times. Start walking. You’ll probably be able to do 20-30 steps before you take again breath.


Keep in mind, that in order to achieve the desired result, the nose and mouth must be closed at all times, no matter how much you want to catch your breath.

After the “release” your nose, keep your mouth shut for a while. Inhale through the nose, concentrating on your breathing. It may seem that you breathe superficially, but that’s no problem.

The method is very simple, but very effective. Once you feel that, your nose is unclogs, breathe awhile only through your nose, not through the mouth.

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