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Ladies! These are the main reasons for the smell of menstrual blood!

Those three to five days of the month are the biggest challenge for women. Unpleasant, sometimes there is pain, but also has mood swings.

While with all this may be handled carefully, there is something really irritating – the smell. You may have Chanel or Gucci to try to avoid, but nothing can save you from unpleasant odor when removing the panties in the bathroom during the cycle.

During the cycle, you may experience a pungent odor and may have little or no odor.


What causes the smell of your blood is something we would like to inform you through this article. Read on to learn what is normal and what is not.

pH balance
The pH of our body changes during menstruation and makes blood less acidic. These low values of the acidity change and growth of bacteria, there below, which is one cause of the smell.

In fact, menstrual blood is not all blood; it consists of vaginal secretions, bacteria and tissue. If there are the uterine lining, then is surrounded by fungi and bacteria during menstruation, they are the culprits that go with menstrual blood and their presence is felt in the form of odor.

Stop the air flow in the vaginal area
The use of tampons or pads is mandatory for women, if they do not want to dirty their clothes. Women use menstrual products, which prevent blood from leaking or to travel down the thighs.

However, these products remain as close to the genitals, the air flow is blocked for this area and this causes odors. Of course, for the moment there is no alternative for them and the solution is to change them often.

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