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These Terrible Symptoms Are An Expression Of A Particular Kind Of Deficit.

The solution is simpler, than you suspect!

We often confuse the term “vitamin deficiency” with “hypovitaminosis.” In the first case it is a serious disease, and the second – a painful condition that develops as a result of inadequate intake of one or more essential vitamins.

Sometimes shortage of vitamins is linked to seasonal factors, but the connection is more indirect: most of the vitamins we get from food. The lack of certain vitamins is determined using a special blood test, but without it we can recognize the symptoms of hypovitaminosis.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency: dry, brittle, thinning hair; brittle nails; cracks on the lips; violation of the mucous membranes (trachea, mouth, gastrointestinal tract); reduced vision; rashes, dryness and scaling of the skin

Can be obtained from: oily fish, milk, butter, carrots, egg yolk.
Keep in mind, that vitamin A belongs to the category of fat-soluble vitamins, so if you drink carrot juice, it will be doubly useful, if you add to it a little cream.


Lack of vitamin B1: Gastrointestinal disorders, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, irritability, cardiac arrhythmia, cold extremities (poor circulation)  Contained in : rice, buckwheat, rye bread, pork.

A deficiency of vitamin B2: Stomatitis and cracks in the corners of the mouth, conjunctivitis, tearing and decreased vision, blurred cornea of the eye and photophobia, dry mouth;
You should eat: more meat and dairy products, eggs.

Lack of vitamin B3: Weakness and chronic fatigue, headaches, anxiety and nervousness, high blood pressure, penchant for alcohol
Found in: poultry meat, red meat, legumes, dairy products, tuna, sprouted grains.

Lack of vitamin B6: weakness, sudden worsening of memory, pain in the liver, dermatitis.
Found in: bananas, egg yolks, whole wheat bread, cabbage, carrots, baked potatoes.

Deficiency of vitamin B9: Bad breath, constipation, brittle and dry hair, pale skin
Contained in: fresh green vegetables, fish, cereals, liver.

Lack of vitamin B12 manifests itself in neurological disorders, hair loss, anemia, and gastritis.
Can be obtained from: fish, seafood, meat products such as liver and kidneys.

Lack of vitamin C: general weakness due to low immunity; weight loss; lack of appetite; bleeding gums and tooth decay; susceptibility to bacterial infections and colds; nosebleeds; bad breath;
Foods that containing it: fruit, citrus, pepper.


Deficiency of vitamin D: Lethargy and inactivity in children, sleep disturbances and loss of appetite, moodiness, rachitis, decreased immunity and vision, metabolic disorders, problems with bones and skin;
Vitamin D is obtained mostly from the sun, but also from fish oil, eggs, milk.

Vitamin E deficiency, leads to a tendency to allergies of various kinds, muscular dystrophy, leg pain, the appearance of trophic ulcers and development of thrombophlebitis, changes in gait, the appearance of age spots;
It is found in nuts, seeds, oil, wheat germ and cereal.

A deficiency of vitamin K: interference in the work of the digestive tract, menstrual pain and disorders of the cycle, anemia, fatigue, bleeding, bleeding.
The sources of vitamin K: blackberry, rose hips, liver, meat, milk.

Lack of vitamin P: The appearance of petechial hemorrhages in the skin (especially in places squeezed by tight clothing), pain in the legs and shoulders general lethargy.
Found in : citrus fruits, berries, wild rose, green tea, buckwheat.

Deficiency of vitamin PP: lethargy, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, scaling and dryness of the skin, diarrhea, inflammation of the oral mucosa and tongue, dermatitis, headache, tiredness, fatigue, dry mouth.
It is located in: white meat, pork, beef liver, carrots, sorrel, potatoes, beans, eggs.

Proper nutrition – it is a balanced diet in which there are not only fruits and vegetables, but also a range of dairy products, cereals, meat and fish.
Do not forget to indulge yourself with a variety of foods, your appearance and your health will be grateful!

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