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This type of cancer everybody ignore it, but it kills us slowly. Find out 5 early symptoms

In pancreatic cancer has 5 early symptoms.

Pancreatic cancer is also known as cancer of the exocrine tissue, this type of cancer most commonly affects women.

Our pancreas is a pear-shaped and is located between the stomach and the spine. Its operation and proper performance of the functions are very important for the health of the whole organism, as involved in metabolic processes, responsible for production of some valuable substances for digestion and hormones that regulate blood sugar levels.

But like other organs in our body, the pancreas is not immune to cancer cells, forming tumors, and cancer, as we know, is a very dangerous disease, often resulting in death of the patient.


What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

One of the reasons, due to this disease,so it is hard to find is, that in the early stages the patient has no conclusive symptoms or if there is, then they resemble less serious illnesses.

Most of the symptoms occur at the stage when the tumor is already substantial size, so can disrupt digestion, the liver and other organ systems in the body.

Therefore, this type of cancer is also called “silent killer”, unfortunately, in most cases is diagnosed only when nothing can be done.

But there is good news: researchers have recently identified a number of symptoms characteristic of the early stage of pancreatic cancer, which can help to begin treatment.

1. Abdominal pain (moderate)

Abdominal pain in the presence of pancreatic cancer are slightly different from what people feel otherwise: when a person leans forward, he feels relieved.

At the same time, this pain is something constant, it periodically changes its intensity and is often in the back side.

2. Digestive problems

This is perhaps the most difficult to establish. Cancer blocks the flow of digestive enzymes, responsible for the absorption of heavy foods (protein, fat and carbohydrates). A person suffers from the following problems:
– constipation
– strong pain
– flatulence

3. Yellowish skin color

This color is the result of elevated levels of bilirubin levels in the blood. Often this is accompanied by itchy hands and feet.

4. Sudden weight loss
Everyone wants to quickly get rid of the extra weight! Remember – sudden weight loss is a symptom – this is a very alarming signal, sent to us through the body. Sudden weight loss is one of the signs of cancer or other serious chronic diseases.

5. Constipation

The cancer affects the digestive enzymes, the person difficult excreted stools. In addition, patients may notice more odor than usual.

These symptoms increase the chances of early diagnosis.

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