Tooth PAIN disappear in an instant: eliminate toothache in 7 minutes without opening your mouth!

Toothache is the worst pain. It is often so unbearable that you should see your dentist. But, if you have pain at night and your dentist is not available at this time, then the following tips can certainly help alleviate the pain in only 7 minutes.

Recent studies conducted in Canada showed that toothache can disappear or at least can be mitigated, and the best of it is that you should not open your mouth. Take some ice cubes and place them between thumb and forefinger. Gently rub the area with ice cubes for 5-7 minutes.

This area contains nerve endings that are connected to the pain center of the brain that controls the level of pain in the hands and head.


90% of study participants confirmed that the technique helped them with toothache.


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