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5 Things That Women Do, But They Are Not Approved By Gynecologists!

As patients we have a number of services and information, that we expect of our gynecologists.

We want to be well informed, but our doctors also want us to follow certain rules.

If you have pain in intercourse, talk to your doctor. The painful sex can be caused by a number of possible causes, including vaginal infections, fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts, all of which can help gynecologist, explains Michelle Marie Germain, head of the department of gynecology at MedStar.

In the extension of the text, gynecologists share the top 5 habits of which advise us to avoid them.


Sweaty gym clothes
Women should immediately remove sweaty clothes after a workout, because bacteria grow in warm and moist environments and that can lead to infection.In fact, fungal infections, irritation, redness, and vaginitis are common, and doctors recommend wearing fabrics, that do not oblige moisture and wearing 100% cotton underwear is mandatory.

We can not assume that heavy menstrual bleeding is normal
No matter of your age every two hours change the pads or tampons in order to avoid an accident. The average blood loss during a whole menstruation(usually 3 to 7 days for most women) should be about 80 ml or 5 tablespoons per day, said known gynecologist. “There are many drugs and minimally invasive surgical options available for women with heavy menstrual bleeding and no one has to live with it every month.”. Hormonal therapy, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs are some of the ways to treat heavy bleeding.

Wearing a thong bikini (and even daily dressings)
Finally, a great excuse to get rid of uncomfortable underwear, doctors say that the sling can pull and rub the skin, causing irritation and do not always allow ventilation. Without air circulation, the place can be bruised and you are more susceptible to fungal infection. “Remember, the skin in this area is among the most sensitive of the body.”

Do not believe everything you read on the Internet
Constantly searching for your symptoms online? A visit to a specialist is always required in order to establish the exact diagnosis. The confusion of a pimple on herpes, rash of breast cancer and normal fatigue for HIV, is what you get if you are looking for your symptoms online.

Self-treatment of what, you think, that is a fungal infection
Many women buy medicines for fungal infection at the first sign of vaginal discharge or itching. But if this is not a yeast infection, it will slow down only a proper diagnosis and symptoms worse in the meantime. Other symptoms that mimic fungal infections include bacterial infection or other contact allergies; and possibly sexually transmitted infections.

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