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6 Things Your Doctor Wants You To Know About Your Butt! For Number 3 I had No Idea!

As a woman, we know how important it is to take care of our vagina. But it’s time to show love and for your butt.

That’s why we asked some top doctors for the things, that necessarily you need to know.
“We specialize in diseases of the colon, rectum and anus,” says Alexis L. Grucela, colorectal surgeon and professor of surgery at the Medical Center. “This can vary from the treatment of malignant diseases, such as colon and rectal cancer, colitis and Crohn’s disease and benign anal disorders such as hemorrhoids.”

So, what are these specialized doctors want you to know about your butt is very important?

Here’s what they say.


1. Say NO to waxing on your butt

“Sometimes women, to wear bikini, are wondering if it’s okay and around the anus to have a waxing.

It is natural to have hair there and the skin around the anus is very sensitive. That’s why it’s best to leave them there, “said Jean Ashburn, a colorectal surgeon.

2. TOILET should NOT be your a Zen PLACE
“Many people read, check their email, play on their phones, etc. Limiting the time of the toilet bowl can improve or prevent symptoms of hemorrhoids. Try meditation or yoga instead of hanging in the bathroom.” – said Alexis L. Grucela, a colorectal surgeon and assistant professor of surgery

3. Without wipes! Wash with warm water
“Skip and baby wipes! They clog the toilet and can cause allergic reactions at the delicate skin in the area. We are talking about a sensitive area. The best way to clean is with warm water. No need to rub and definitely does not need for antibacterial soap.” says Dr. Alex Ky, associate professor.

4. Fiber is your friend
“Fiber play a huge role in colon health, prevent problems like hemorrhoids and diverticular disease [inflammation of one or more small pouches in the digestive tract]. Women under 50 should be directed with 25 grams daily foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables beans and legumes and nuts and seeds. ” David W. Leitner, professor of surgery.

5. Repeat after us: pain and bleeding are not normal
“The pain and bleeding are common complaints from patients. The bleeding may be many different reasons. Sometimes it’s something simple like hemorrhoids. But no abnormalities such as blood in the stool or pain usually should not be ignored” – Dr. Chand, surgeon

6. Cancer of the colon and rectum are preventable as long as you pay attention to any changes!
“Do not ignore changes in bowel habits, due to some shame. People who say” I’ll die of shame … “might actually happen to them.”

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