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Aldi to Go Full Organic, Bans Pesticides and Rivals Whole Foods as Healthiest Grocery Store

The German market chain Aldi from January 1, 2017, is planning to removal 8 pesticides from all the products on their US markets.

In recent times Aldi is making a name for itself as a healthy focused markets. With low prices and focus on the health, Aldi wants to gain a reputation as a food-conscious buyers go-to the store.

The pesticides which should be removed are:

* thiamethoxam
* chlorpyrifos
* clothianidin
* cypermethrin
* deltamethrin
* fipronil
* imidacloprid
* Sulfoxaflor


Aldi has been popular in the past few years for be rigorous on the removal of certain pesticides and chemicals from their products, but they are now going a step further in their quest for better quality.

They are expanding their organic food, remove some artificial ingredients in the products and add more gluten-free items.

Also The Germanic chain has removal the certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and MSG from their private label products.

Aldi has expanded its sales of freshly and organic meat products, including the “never any!” Brand of meats that do not contain added antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or other additives.

The German chain also plans to expand the line SimplyNaturee (which is free from more than 125 artificial ingredients) and their gluten liveGfree brand.

Their milk is free of artificial growth hormones, but now their yogurt, cheese and other dairy products will be well.

They have started to offer more high-end ingredients, such as artisan cheeses, smoked salmon and coconut oil.

Aldi currently has 1,500 stores in the US and plan to open more than 500 in 2018 With such a strong emphasis on health, they plan to become a leader in health supermarkets chains.

Business Insider said:
Trade chain is expanding organic food brands, remove some artificial ingredients from their products, and add more gluten-free items in hopes how to attract more health-conscious customers

Neonics are systemic pesticides and they are one of the latest types of insecticides, used mainly in the last 20 years for the control of various pests, particularly SAP-feeding insects, among which are aphids on cereals and root feeding larvae.

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