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If you rub turmeric in your skin, it has the most surprising effect on your body

Thousands of studies have tested this popular spice and they all came to the conclusion that Turmeric is an effective alternative to many conventional drugs, that are often used for various diseases. It has a bitter taste and people usually use it for seasoning powder form, mustard, cheese and oils.

The roots of turmeric

It originates from India and from ancient times, people have used it in their dishes, but also as a natural remedy for all needs.

Curcumin is its active ingredient, which is the main reason why turmeric is so beneficial to our overall health. It contains a highly potent anti-inflammatory properties and may help to alleviate the cognitive impairments associated with aging. Turmeric can easily be added to the diet to improve digestion and prevention of many diseases such as menstrual cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.


Here are a few exceptional health benefits

Ointment to the skin, many people are reluctant to use a salt, in order to reduce the pain of sprains, infected wounds, skin ulcers, gum disease, eye infections, acne, bruises. Instead of using salt, you need to prepare a mixture of turmeric and almond oil and then apply the paste on painful areas. This will ease the pain much faster than salt.

Antidepressant: turmeric is so powerful, that prescribed as an antidepressant, has the ability to reduce depression. This is the best natural substitute for drugs like Prozac.

Cholesterol: study in 2008 found that preparation of curcumin can be compared favorably with Lipitor, which is a popular drug to regulate cholesterol, but with quite side effects

Anticoagulant: very similar to aspirin, as it has anti-platelet properties.

The best natural substitute for ibuprofen and naproxen is the turmeric, because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Chemotherapy: oxaliplatin is most frequently used medicament for the delay of the spread of malignant cells during chemotherapy and has been shown that turmeric is as effective, as that conventional means.

Diabetes: According to a study published in 2009 curcumin is more than 500 times more potent than metformin in the treatment of diabetes.

Cancer: Numerous studies have confirmed that curcumin can help for inducing an death of cancer cells.

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