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The mother smeared the nose of a child with folk medicine and went to bed… In the morning he is gone …

The story is hard to believe – after all, many of us often used balm with camphor. It seems harmless and very effective tool for fever, runny nose and cold symptoms.

However, one small incident, will make you to think well, especially if you have small children. It turns out that the use of this conditioner can result in severe consequences!

A Mexican woman told this story to other parents, who do not have to go through this, through what she went through: the death of her baby!

She comes home from work and went to the room of 2-year-old son.
Leans forward to kiss him and feels he has a fever. She decided that this is the common cold, and spreads him with the Vaseline


She smeared chest of his child, back and the upper part with the balm, to breathe easier. Then cover the baby and leave him to sleep.

She was very tired from work, so she slept immediately.

Waking up after a few hours, she sees that the child is not breathing.

Wasting no time, she took him up and took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him, it was too late.

Finally, the doctor said that the child died of inflammation of the airways caused by camphor, which was part of the balm.

Mother can not imagine what it means to kill her child: she only wanted to help him, but a balm caused side effects

The fact, that camphor is useful for adults and for children under two years, it increases the secretion of mucus by 60%; mucus accumulates in the trachea and interfere with the breathing.

The label says that balm is not intended for children under three years. Unfortunately, the mexican women, has not seen this warning.

Let this story serve as a lesson for all parents in the world, always carefully read the instructions and consult with experts before treating children with home remedies!

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