You do not need to go to the pharmacy! First aid for cough – works flawlessly and is a delicious syrup!

We present you a flawless cough medicine, which helps better than any syrup. Burnt Sugar Syrup act very soft, eliminating inflammation of the lining, so that it can even be used for treatment of children! You can prepare them candy or lollipops from melted sugar, but our option is even better!

Home remedy for cough from burnt sugar

Of course, in strong cough in a child or adult should immediately consult a doctor. But, as additional treatment, you can drink from this caramel milk, which as if by magic will deal with coughing. Drink a glass before bedtime and all night you’ll sleep without coughing!

1 tsp caramel
200ml of milk
2 bananas

– Preheat the plain sugar in a spoon over the fire. When the crystals melt and mass thickens, pour the caramel in the saucepan.


– Add a glass of warm milk into sugar.


– Wash 2 ripe bananas, cut them in a blender or mash with a fork. Add the puree of banana into the hot sweet milk.


– Allow the mixture to a boil, while stirring gently.

Remove milk from the hot plate, cool slightly and drink!
Burnt sugar has a expectorant effects, milk stimulates the secretion of mucus and bananas help the body deal with inflammation.

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