If you have any of the following symptoms, then you have a hormonal imbalance and should go to the doctor!

Do you in the last few weeks feel tired, bloated or sluggish? Hormones during menstruation disturb you and affect your mood, skin and mind, and then everything passes, their level is stabilized, but still many factors such as stress and anxiety can affect them. If you notice that you have any of the following four symptoms of hormonal imbalance, ask your doctor.


Exhaustion is always a reason to go to the doctor, because there are many dangerous reasons that could cause it. If you are tired after a hard week of work, it is quite normal, but if you feel so permanent and if you start to gain weight and have changes in appetite, you may have a problem with inadequate active thyroid gland. If you’re tired for no reason, ask your doctor.


Skin changes

Acne can happen to you due to, that you forget to wash your face before going to bed, but you should keep in mind that acne at the bottom of the face may indicate a high level of testosterone. Although not dangerous problem, may reflect badly on the psyche. The doctor may prescribe medication to stabilize the levels of this hormone, which will purify and skin.

Different menstruation

Also as fatigue and abnormal menstruation can be the result of many factors such as stress, thyroid problems, low levels of estrogen or syndrome of polycystic ovaries. In polycystic ovary observed irregular menstruation, as well as difficulties in weight loss and abnormal hair growth.

Night sweats

If you wake up in sweat may be a sign that you have low levels of estrogen.

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