Miracle Drink For Coughs: Make This Syrup And Breathe With Full Chest

If you are sick and you have problems with coughing, make this natural remedy. This homemade syrup will help you, if you have problems with coughing and expectoration.

Necessary ingredients

– One tablespoon of marshmallow root

– One tablespoon of flaxseed

– One tablespoon of sage

– 1 lemon, cut into small slices

-250 ml of water

– 250 g of brown sugar



1. In a saucepan put water, then add brown sugar. When sugar melts , then add the remaining ingredients and leave to boil at low temperature for about 15 minutes.

2. The mixture leave in a cool place, then strain

3. Consume this mixture three times a day.

That’s it! Quite simply, Good Health…

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