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She Spilled Soda On The Bed And When You See Why, You Will Do The Same!

We are sorry to disappoint you, but you should know, that the mattresses, that you use every day are the perfect environment for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria deposit that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Changing the linens simply will not do the cleaning for you, as the dust, dirt and other bodily fluids pass through sheets and end up in the mattress.

However, we will present the video to discover a way to eliminate them in an easy way!


And for your happiness all you need to clean the mattresses is some baking soda, which is a very easy process, and baking soda will do that what exactly you need, because is extremely effective in destroying bacteria.

What should you do

First, vacuum the mattress well, and then shed a bit of baking soda over it. This will disinfect and vacuuming will eliminate the accumulated dirt. After a few minutes, add the essential oil with some water and use this solution to spray the mattress. That’s it! At the end you will get a very pleasant smell!

See the video below for more information:

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