She Sprinkled Baking Powder On Her Apples. The Results? I Had No Idea.

This is how to get rid of wax on apples in seconds

Apples are classic – the most versatile fruits we could never do without. They are good in oatmeal or more breakfast cereals, flavor, also are good for pies and cakes, in a salad, and of course, on their own

But there is something that most of us do not know: it is precisely those apples that look the most compelling, that were usually polished with wax. It helps keep them a little longer, plus the extra layer gives them a natural glow. Fortunately, however, there is a simple solution to thoroughly remove wax.


See the video below to find out all you need to know about successful cleaning apples:

Every apple lover should know about it. After testing, the apples with wax do not look quite so tasty. Lucky is so easy to get rid of it – especially useful for people with small children at home!


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