Walking On Knees: Chinese medicine recognizes this exercise as a panacea for all ills!

Walking on the knees is recommended to everyone! This exercise has no contraindications.

Even those who have pain in the knees and joints can try this effective Chinese technique. It turns out that knees are often painful due to muscle atrophy back, leg, spine, in other words, pain occurs in people who lead a static life.

Taoist walking on the knees helps in fighting with kidney or liver disease.

The point is that on the cushions of the knees are points that are useful to stimulate in problems with internal organs. Chinese medicine recognizes this exercise as a cure for all diseases!

Indeed, this way of walking, in addition to other physical activities, has many advantages. For this exercise should be separated for 15-20 minutes every day, and soon the result will be noticeable.


What should you do:

Perform the exercise on the floor, placing below the knees soft blanket. Move slowly, relying solely on the knees.

From overload joints on the knees , in the beginning you may feel pain. When leg muscles grow strong enough, the pain will disappear.

By doing this exercise every day, you can quickly achieve weight loss. And not only that.

This Taoist practice helps even to improve eyesight, because the tendons in the knees are the points that correspond to the proper functioning of the liver, kidneys and eyes.

It is recommended to walk on the knees with eyes closed – the effect will be even stronger!

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