Wrap your legs with aluminum foil in several layers. What happens after 1 hour will surprise your doctor!

Aluminum foil – a unique material. Treatment with foil is practiced in ancient China, the foil is applied on biologically active points, which are responsible for the diseased organs.

Today you will learn how to get rid of the annoying pain in the joints, using the usual foil! And all thanks to reflective effect with amazing healing properties … Treatment using foils is still probably the cheapest method – no need to doubt its effectiveness!

Treatment with foil

Details on the method of treatment with the help of the foil comes from the famous psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. Foil can very efficient to cure cold, sciatica, cervical osteochondrosis, and even a gout !


Foil imposed to the sore place, reflects biotics electricity in the energy meridian from which they arise. This has a positive effect on the diseased body that is associated with the meridian and the pain disappears.

Treatment with aluminum foil is so easy and simple. Just wrap the affected area with foil – for example, the bones of the legs. Fixing bandages. The foil should be applied to the sore spot with the shiny side!

If you regularly feel pain in the joints at each change of time, after a week of treatments with foil, you will feel noticeable relief.

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