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Cut The Onion And Put It In The Tea! The Reason Will Surprise You!

Find out what are the healing properties of onion, added to a glass of plain tea!

Today we publish a story about an old but good-natured person.

The rumors about him spread all over the world: This man is able to heal every disease and provide assistance, if someone is suffering from stomach pain.

He revealed how everyone can make this medicine …

Discomfort in the gut

Necessary products:

1 onion

200 grams of tea

Method of preparation:

Clean well the onion. Cut it across, but not entirely, so as not to divide. Put it in a cup of hot tea and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Drink the medicine when you have discomfort in the stomach.

Indeed, discomfort in the gut could caught us at the wrong time,taking pills or drugs does not help. This method will help us to get rid of abdominal pain of disturbances in bowel habits and will do everything possible to normalize the processes in our body.

Interesting fact: in a glass of tea should always put onions, sliced crosswise. This perhaps is the secret of the effectiveness of drinks! Many people have tried just to put onion in the tea, but this method does not help!

Save the recipe and share this proven method of treatment with your friends – they will be grateful!

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