Lose Your Love Handles and Improve Your Posture In Just 5-Minute Workout Through This Japanese Weight Loss Technique

The Japanese have a shockingly variety of ways to lose weight, which fully are competing with each other at ease and efficiency.

Unfortunately, most people do not have time for a morning jogging or they don’t have volition to keep the diets.

We start looking for magic pills, wonderful herbal potions and any ways of removing excess weight.

But losing weight can be easy and efficient.

How! Read carefully the following lines.

More than 10 years a well-known Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsuji helps people who have problems with weight, to lose it. And it happens without diets, grueling exercise and the most important thing is not expensive.

What will you need?

a big towel;
horizontal surface;
5 minutes a day.

The method consists in that, that within a few minutes it is necessary to lie on the rolled towel.

1. Roll a medium-sized towel to form a thick cylinder with following parameters 15 inches long and approximately 4 inches wide. Wrap it with a string or tape so it stays put;
2. Lie on the floor onto a fitness mat. Position the body so the towel to be placed at the height of the navel.
3. The legs are dissolved to the width of shoulders. Toes should be touching, and between both heels should have 20-25 cm distance.
4. The illustration shows how exactly should be positioned arms and legs.
5. Attention! Stay careful, because during training bones and joints are slightly distorted.

Persistence and perseverance will ensure success with this method.

If you find it difficult in the beginning to stay in this position, gradually increase the time until you get to 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to share this amazing Japanese technique to your friends. Let them convince themselves, that losing weight can be easy and efficient.

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