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Natural Remedy That Treated Thousand People Of CANCER And They Hiding From Us! Strengthens The Body For A Few Days

This natural remedy battling the cancer and healed thousands of people!

The recipe for this natural remedy, will help you in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer. It is the work of the doctor of medical sciences – professor Merzlov.

According to the professor, recipe is able to cure several thousand people.

“That means, that not only cures, but also strengthens the whole body – in healthy body is no place for cancer or other diseases” – says Professor Merzlov in his lectures.

As mentioned above, this remedy has a general strengthening character, but that’s not all:

* Cleans blood vessels;
* Strengthens the heart;
* Restores the immune system;
* Cleanses the liver;
* It helps to get rid of kidney stones (and toxins);
* Cleanses the digestive system against pathogens.
* Improves brain function and memory;
* It helps prevent heart disease and promotes recovery after a heart attack;
* It relieves inflammation of the joints;
* It helps to get rid of excess weight;
* It helps the body cope with cancer and reduces the likelihood of its occurrence.


400 g wheat germ;

15 fresh lemons (preferably organic);

1 kg whole heads of garlic;

1 kg natural honey;

400 g fresh walnuts;

Method of preparation:

Firstly, you need to germinate wheat. Take 400 grams of wheat, put it into a glass bowl and cover with water. Leave the bowl until the morning, covered with gauze. After 10-12 hours strain the wheat through cheesecloth and then rinse well the grains. Put them in the same bowl, but this time do not fill with water. After 24 hours you will see that every grain has filed a small offshoot of 1-2 mm.

Place wheat germ, nuts and peeled garlic in the mill. Then put through the mill 5 lemon with the rind and mix all ingredients in a glass-lined tank.

Squeeze the juice of the remaining lemons and add it to the mixture. Mix well. Then add honey, stir with a wooden spoon and pour the mixture into glass jars. Place in the refrigerator. Leave the mixture there for three days and it will be ready to use.


Take 1-2 tablespoons 30 minutes before each meal and at bedtime. Continue, until the end of the prepared portion.. For prevention, we recommend you to take this dose at least once a year.

Cancer patients – are recommended to take the drug every two hours

This tool will provide health and longevity, will help you to keep your body in good shape and keep the youth and energy as it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and vegetable oils. Your body will surely like it!

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