The best method for home testing of the thyroid gland. Draw your hand with iodine and see the results in the morning

Iodine – is an important element for the body, whose surplus or deficit, have influence on the body weight

The lack of iodine influences the mental health, functions of the brain and other body organs, that is responsible for the good state of the body

Thyroid hormone is composed of 65% iodine. In iodine deficiency increased thyroid gland and appears goiter.

Iodine insufficiency

It is highly important for yourself to check the level of iodine in your body. This can be checked by using a simple test at home.

The procedure of this test is very easy. After the procedure of the test, it is better to turn to for advice and diagnosis by experts, generally required if the results of a home test are not very good.


What should be done to perform the test

In evening, before going to bed, draw with a cotton swab three lines on your arm,(see the picture for the best performing). Lines, should be thin, a little thicker and most dense.


When you wake up in the morning and you do not see any of the three lines, then immediately consult your doctor. For the best benefit and accurate information you need an endocrinologist.

If you see only the thick line is disappeared, then you need to revise your diet. The daily norm of iodine can be achieved with the regular consumption of foods such as seaweed, shrimp, eggs, dried apricots…

If there is not a thin line – your health is not in danger.

Note: The use of iodized salt – the least expensive and most convenient way to prevent hypothyroidism.

Extra benefits: How to improve the blood circulation by means of iodine.

What to do?

Draw your eye with iodine, where there is no specific blood flow. This method is applied once and for a few minutes. 5 percent of the iodine solution should be diluted with small amount of water prior to application.

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