This Extraordinary Drink Regulates Fat In The Body – Here’s How To Prepare It.

Cholesterol is the best known of fat in the body and is present in every living cell.

We distinguish between good HDL cholesterol from LDL bad cholesterol, which increased levels in the blood, causes a possible heart disease and blood vessels.

Threatening fat, it is possible to oppose with the help of a smart selection of food.

Grapefruit is an absolute winner when it comes to fighting the bad cholesterol, contains high levels of vitamin C and contains pectin, and fiber that lowers cholesterol and protect blood vessels from clogging.

Also there is the celery, and only two of the stem per day, are sufficient to level of cholesterol reduced up to five times more.

Thereby, its most important role is in increasing the secretion of bile acid, which removes the bad fat.


– 1 grapefruit,
– 2 stalks of celery,
– Bunch of parsley,
– ¼ lemon
– 3 pieces of ginger


All the ingredients put in the blender and mix until you have a thick juice, every morning drink a glass of fresh beverage to regulate fat in the body.


Prepared fresh juice it is best to consume before lunch, which leaves enough time for the body to absorb all the ingredients and activates their performance.

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