Father Climbs into Baby Crib to Calm His Crying Daughter. What Happens Next is Hilarious!

Nowadays in every home, those who have young children install a babi monitor to keep an eye on their children. But this camera recorded something that will make you laugh. Yes, this is the best thing that you’ve never seen!

This is how the story goes – this cute little girl was crying in the middle of the night, and her dad realized that the easiest way to calm his daughter and go to sleep is to get in her little bed and sneak out later, when she’s asleep

But he made a big mistake. Why? Well, because once she hugged him, there is no way to let him go.

Note: This video was uploaded in 2009, and he might still be trapped in that little bed. Watch the video below and do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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