He Awoke From A Coma Of 10 Years. Now See When The Doctor Tells Him The Truth …

Every time I hear a story about someone who wakes up from a coma after many years, I always think how hard it must be both mentally and emotionally because of all the changes around them.

So why is it that someone would make a joke to someone who wakes up in a hospital , and invent that just awakened from a coma of 10 years? That is horrible … unless there is a very, very good lesson to learn. Tom Mabe has become famous for being a joker and one of his most famous jokes was in 2013.

Mabe decided to make a joke to his friend Ray who had lost consciousness after being accused for fifth time of driving drunk. Drinking and driving is a crime and Mabe wanted to make sure that Ray learned his lesson as it put many lives in danger. I think this joke helped him finally learn his lesson.

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