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The Japanese Queen! Here’s Why You Should Start Drinking This Potion For Purification

It is called the Kombucha mushroom “Japanese queen.” And rightly so! Japanese women drinking the Kombucha throughout their lives, not only because of its incomparable taste

Kombucha cure everything.

This statement is not far-fetched. The fame of this exotic drink constantly increasing. Eastern medicine used Kombucha mushroom for treatment and prevention of various diseases, mostly because of its cleansing properties.

In Japan, medical science has long recognized, that kombucha has a positive effect on the physiology of women. Tea from this remedy also helps with problems with conception.

Kombucha is rich in acetic and lactic acid, such as yeast cultures. Special enzymes in the mushroom create a favorable environment in the human body. All who suffer from gastrointestinal disease should drink the Kombucha tea or infusion of Kombucha. For them, this an incredibly useful and tasty beverage will be like living water.

Especially noticeable effect of using of Kombucha has in the recovery period after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill beneficial intestinal microflora. Taking tea of Kombucha will help in quick recovery.

Using Kombucha is optional and in diseases of the liver and pancreas. Incredibly useful is to drink for metabolic disorders, obesity and hormonal imbalance!

Kombucha tea can help you lose weight, because it normalizes the process of disposal of slag and makes a regular stomach. Also, the infusion helps calm the nervous system. As a result, constant headaches will disappear.

Here are detailed instructions that will help to grow Kombucha at home. It’s time to do everything in the name of health!

How to prepare a tea from kambucha at home?

You’ll need:

– Ferment of kombucha
– Glass jar, at least a liter
– Sugar / 100 g per 1 liter of water /
– 2 teaspoons of black or green tea per liter of water
– Bowl for boiling water
– Linen cloth or gauze
– Glass bottles for storage of already finished tea

How to prepare?

1. Prepare your tea of leaves of black or green tea, as usual add sugar.

2. In the clean jar pour the tea.

3. Mushrooms is placed with a dark side down. It is mandatory, a jar, wherein you will make the Kombucha, to be a glass, due to fermentation, which occur.

4. Cover it with a linen cloth or gauze. Put the jar in a dark place.

5. In the jar will start to flow fermentation, which could last about 13-15 days.

When the tea is ready, the mushroom will resurface. Place it carefully in another three-liter jar filled with a weak solution of black or green tea.

After a while, you can use this tea to rinse the hair or as a face tonic. They say that with it can even heal wounds, that do not heal for a long time.

Regular use of Kombucha tea is half a cup 3-4 times a day

This tea will help you to deal with hypertension and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It is recommended to drink at night by people who suffer from atherosclerosis anemia.

Kombucha is a living medicine.

Kombucha tea is not recommended if you suffer from diabetes, gastritis and hypotension.

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