Just Stick The Tape Foil To Any Area Where You Have A Pain, And For A Few Days The Pain Will Disappear Forever. It Also Has An Amazing Lifting Effect!

The techniques of alternative medicine are very popular these days. Their use often leads to positive results. There is an effective method to get rid of various diseases. This method has been known for a long time and has been tested by many generations. They call it “silver bridges”

To make them, you need to tape the film – they are a source of valuable metals, which
lacking in the body for good health. Some researchers compared the effect of this method with that of the copper bracelet. Today you will learn how to apply the silver bridges.


To make “silver bridge”, take a piece of wide tape and stick it on the foil strip 1 cm wide and 1.5 cm long, leaving 1 cm of free space above and below and 1.5 cm left and right. Apply the resulting bandage on any sore spot and the pain will disappear. It’s a miracle!

Silver bridges are applied to the skin along the meridians. For example, in osteochondrosis they pass through the spine, therefore should apply the patch foil.
At the extremities silver bridges are glued parallel to the long tubular bones. In order to improve their operation, the left and right of the main bridge you must attach another two more.

My grandfather always used this method for heart pain. Just stick the patch with foil to that area of the chest and the pain goes away. Also, the silver bridges can be used in bronchitis, liver disease, myositis and other diseases of the internal organs.

Widely used are silver bridges for accelerate the healing of scars. To clear horizontal and inclined marks are superimposed small bridges. If the wound is long, it will take a couple of pieces that overlap at an interval of 2-4 inches. Silver bridges are changed every three days.

Also, tape foil are an excellent alternative to Botox injections. Before going to bed, stick a silver bridge to the forehead or around wrinkles the “crow’s feet” around the eyes. After 2 weeks of the application deep wrinkles are visibly softened.

Of course, if you have any health problems, consult your doctor. Start treatment only if you know your exact diagnosis, so as not to be injured,treating yourself.

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