Throw the excess weight! I’ll tell you about the most effective methods for weight loss

Oil of cumin – very useful product! Thanks to its unique composition, this device has many medicinal properties: It reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, accelerates lipid metabolism, has a diuretic effect, removes overgrowth of bacteria and diarrhea. This contributes not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to weight loss.

Black cumin for weight loss, a recipe


120g of orange juice
1 tsp black cumin oil ( buy here)
1 tsp honey

Unite all ingredients in a small bowl. Stir well until completely dissolved the honey. Take it half an hour before breakfast and before bedtime. The consumption of the beverage of black cumin oil is one month, and then you should break for 1 month. After this period, you can repeat the course again.

To improve the effect of fat loss, and getting rid of cellulite is recommended to make the shell with the use of black cumin oil. This tool improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and prevents the appearance of “orange peel”.

As always, remind the contraindications: black cumin oil can be used in tandem with drugs that reduce blood sugar levels. Also contraindicated in pregnant women.

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