Treatment of hemorrhoids at home: With one ingredient from your kitchen, you will get rid of them within a few days

If you are struggling with hemorrhoids, you no longer need to worry because there is one ingredient that is extremely useful when it comes to hemorrhoids and with it you can treat them at home and get rid of a very short period of time.

Apple cider vinegar is extremely useful ingredient for many health problems and treatment of hemorrhoids is no exception. People have used it for hundreds of years, thanks to its powerful healing properties.

One of the uses of apple cider vinegar is for the treatment of hemorrhoids

It can be used in two ways: You can use it locally or consumed orally. Apple vinegar effectively treat internal and external hemorrhoids, and bleeding. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you should definitely try this treatment with apple cider vinegar and solve the problem very quickly.

All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in the solution of vinegar and water. Then, put cotton on external hemorrhoids and keep it there for 30 minutes to work. Repeat until the complete disappearance of the problem.

To treat internal hemorrhoids, you have to freeze vinegar in a form that is similar to a bullet. All you have to do is place a “bullet” into the rectum. Treatment will show significant results within a few days.

Moreover, it is also very important to eat only soft food within three days after initiation of treatment with vinegar hemorrhoids.

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