6 Common Signs Of Thrombosis – These Are The Signs You Should Not Ignore

A thrombus occurs when blood coagulates in a blood vessel and creates a stopper. The obstruction prevents blood from circulating freely.

Large blood clots may cause heart attack or heart failure.

There are six very common symptoms of a blood clot that you should know.

It is usually difficult to explain why a person may have thrombosis.

Therefore, it is very important to know the symptoms that tell you that you should contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms can be very mild, which prevents detection of thrombosis in time.

Here are 6 signs that tell you that you are suffering from a blood clot:

1. The calf swells and is warmer than the one on the other side, and even sometimes can be colored red or otherwise.

2. The calf is painful and tense when tightening.

3. You may have pain in the leg, calf and occasionally on the sole of the foot especially when you walk.

4. The superficial blood vessels look more clearly and you may even feel pain.

5. You can feel heavy legs.

6. Sometimes you can also have a few tenths of a fever.

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