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The Signals That Your Body Sends You That You Have A Serious Illness But You Ignore Them (Photos)

It turns out that a certain type of pain may be a sign of a serious illness!

Our body is a complex system of processes and mechanisms, and sometimes an inaccessible notion of the ordinary person without medical education. For example, why constant neck pain is the reason to visit a pulmologist or if you experience discomfort from the inside of your left hand, does it mean you have heart problems?

Why does the pain arise?

Reflecting (radiating) pain – body pain located at a distant location from the outbreak of the disease.

The catch-up lies in the fact, that person may not be aware of all the dangers, that threaten it!
That’s why it’s important to know which type of pain is relevant to the vital organ. View the image!

Heart. In case of heart problems, pain can occur directly in the chest area on the left, as well as on the inside of the arm (angina) or between the shoulders.

Lungs. Permanent pain on the right side of the neck and shoulder. This is a reason to check your lungs.

The liver and gall bladder. Poor type of pain, as the patient tends to believe that the cause is due to a more sedentary lifestyle or muscle tension.

Stomach and pancreas. As a rule, the disease of these organs causes pain at the site of their location, but for example, 50% of patients with chronic pancreatitis complain of back pain.

The small intestine. Pain in the navel may be a sign of inflammation of the small intestine. The probability of appendicitis is not excluded.

Appendix and colon. Pain directly in the iliac pit? Go right to a surgeon: this is no joke!

Kidneys are often difficult to diagnose in kidney disease because the pain spreads almost all over the back, thighs and abdomen.

Bladder. If you have problems with the bladder, it hurts both the front and back of the pelvis. Do not delay to go to a doctor.

The ovaries. Pain on both sides of the lower abdomen in women may indicate inflammation or other ovarian disease. Obligatory contact a gynecologist.

The list of types of pain does not end here, but some of the most common are collected in this article. It is important remember that the problem can often be not where the pain is felt.

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