Tested Recipe To Eliminate High Blood Pressure Without Any Drugs

You need only raw sunflower seeds and water

This natural cure helps quite quickly. For too short a time, blood pressure returns to normal, and the effect is very stable.

Sunflower seeds are rich in nicotinic acid (niacin or vitamin B3) that expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation. This is a recipe from Russian medicine:


In a pot place 500 grams of well-washed raw sunflower seeds. Add 2 liters of cold water and cook for 2 hours. Cool and strain. The whole amount should be taken in two days. One part to drink during the day and the other part stored in the refrigerator to consume the next day.

Blood pressure immediately returns to normal. But for a better, longer-lasting impact, regular consumption is recommended for one month.

Sunflower seeds are the best source of magnesium and a powerful means of lowering blood pressure. Sunflower seeds contain phytosterols, which naturally reduce cholesterol in the blood, so that this reduces the risk of onset and development of cardiovascular diseases.

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