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If This Appears On Your Lips – DO NOT ignore it! Immediately Go To The Doctor!

Like the skin, lips are a good indicator of the condition of your body.

Cracked lips are often not the result of climatic conditions, such as wind or sun, and may be due to the development of diabetes. For a healthy color of the lips is taken the pink color, which is found only in light pink tones.

Pale lips

This is a sign of weak capillaries, may be a sign of reduced blood hemoglobin or anemia, but can also indicate lung or heart problems.

Bright red lips

If on the contrary, lips are bright red, it shows the enlarged capillaries.
This may also be a sign of increased heart rhythm and high blood pressure.

Dark lips

If your lips look as if you have lipstick on them, whether red or brown, it is a sign of digestive problems and intolerance to certain foods, such as gluten.

The purple color of the lips

You definitely do not want to have this color on your lips as it happens as a result of coagulation disorders and organ failure. Before the death, the lips become purple.

A red aura around the lips

This is a condition that is often the result of taking excessively carbonated beverages. In addition, the red aura may be due to allergy to toothpaste, cosmetics

Cracked lips

This may be a sign of the onset of diabetes. The skin of the lips is more susceptible to drying the skin than other parts of the body. Obviously it can also be caused by wind, dry air, and often licking the lips.

Swelling of the lips

This is another symptom of digestive problems or allergies to a particular group of foods.

White spots on the lips

These changes are due to fungi that spread throughout the body after drinking an antibiotic.

Thin lips

Although thinning lips are a normal aging process associated with loss of collagen, if your lips suddenly become noticeably thinner, it may be a problem in the gallbladder.

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