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This Medicine Eliminates The Taste Of Sweet And Saves Your Bones: Especially, Women Should Be Warned After 40 Years!

Nothing is more inspiring than a piece of fruit pie, chocolate cake or tea cookies. Not surprisingly, that quitting sweet is a serious challenge for most..

That’s why today we decided to show you how to give up the sweet without much effort.

Sesame milk

We often possess for sweets but we should know that it is not without reason. Apart from personal nutrition habits, the desire to eat something with high glucose content can be affected by the lack of calcium and magnesium. Especially strong candies and cakes are for those who are on diet.

The weakened body is more susceptible to temptations. Getting less energy, it requires more glucose. First, it is absorbed quite quickly. Secondly, it acts as an energy bomb. With sweetness we can fight against the loss of strength, but the effect is very short-lived

So how to give up the sweet? Just use sesame! The invaluable benefit of sesame is in its high content of calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, E, C, and B. It is high calorie, so it gives your body the energy it needs, without compromising weight. All you have to do is learn to use it properly. Prepare Sesame Milk!

You’ll need:

100 g Raw sesame
2 tsp. of Honey
1 liter of water

Soak the sesame seeds in water overnight. In the morning, wash, pour them into a blender, add a glass of water, honey and grind grains. Then add the remaining water and break everything into the blender. Honey is used as a sweetener, so it is absolutely not necessary, but it is useful.

So you get a liter of excellent sesame milk. It should be taken in the morning before a meal. The unnatural thirst for sweets will disappear in a few days, and with it the weakness. The good thing about sesame is, that with it calcium is absorbed much better and faster than if you take it in pure form.

In addition to strengthening the bones you will get the necessary vitamins, you will have healthy nails and hair. Another useful benefit is most antioxidants that prevent aging and reduce the risk of cancer.

Remember that roasted sesame completely loses its beneficial properties Sesame milk can be used for baking or as a basis for shakes. Share this helpful information with friends and family!

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