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Warning: If You Have These 6 Symptoms, You Could Have A Heart Attack In The Next Month!

Below are 6 symptoms that are the earliest signs of a heart attack. These symptoms can alert you even one month before you get a heart attack.


If your heart is fighting to pump blood, this can lead to swelling. This can also lead to abdominal swelling. Thus, legs, feet and ankles will begin to swell, because they are at a greater distance from the heart

Shortness of breath

Another common sign of a heart attack is shortness of breath. The heart and lungs work in unison, thus, if the heart gets worse, the lungs will fail to get enough oxygen and they will not be able to function properly. Therefore, this will lead to shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing.


If your heart function is compromised then it will restrict oxygen in the body. This will lead to symptoms such as dizziness.

Stubborn cough

If you have a cough and do not quit after an extended period of time, it can cause heart failure. This is due to the blood that accumulates in the lungs through the fight of the heart to supply the body with enough blood. White or pink mucus may be a sign of blood leakage, so pay attention!


If you have fatigue and can not explain why, it may be, because heart attack is on the way. When the arteries begin to close, the heart will work much harder, which makes the execution of simple tasks much more exhausting

Discomfort in the chest

Last, but perhaps most important is the chest discomfort. It actually comes in many different shapes, like a burning or pinching sensation, maybe you feel pressure in your chest. These symptoms may occur during physical activity or during rest.

One thing, that you have to remember, you can have a heart attack without a feeling of chest discomfort. This is usually the case with women.

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