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Every Year I Began To Make This Oil! My Hair Grow Like Crazy, My Skin Is Softer Than Ever, And The Pains In The Joints Are Gone

This nettle oil can be added to creams, ointments and shampoos, as well as preparing a facial and hair mask. The therapeutic oil of nettle keep the best medicinal properties of plants.

In fact, in pure form, this oil is an excellent remedy against wrinkles, dandruff and hair loss. It suppresses the growth of gray hair and prevents its earlier appearance.

In some cases, it can return the natural hair color by rescuing the hair follicles.

When rubbed into the scalp half an hour before washing, the hair will be fluffy, soft and supple and will improve its growth.
If you smear your face with nettle oil, you will not have wrinkles. Nettle quite well smooth the fine lines.

On the basis of the nail oil you could get a healing ointment for wounds or a joint pain cream. So at any cost, prepare this curative nettle oil.

Collect nettles in the period May – July from ecologically clean areas, ie. out of town and away from the main traffic.

You can use directly stems length, where there are still good and succulent leaves. The plant with disabilities or dead leaves will not help you.

It is good to collect the nettles in the morning after a heavy rain, because the leaves will be juicy and fresh, and the plant itself will be clean and will not need washing.

Cut the nettle. We recommend wearing gloves, but if you suffer from joint pain, keep in mind that “stings” of nettle have a therapeutic effect.

After cutting, it takes a few hours to dry. Then the acid on it will evaporate.
Cut the leaves out of the stems. Young plants could be cut straight with the handle. Blend everything in a meat grinder: Grind the leaves and put them in a clean glass jar.

This amount of nettles needs to fill 2/3 of the jar. Now fill it with pure refined oil. Ideally – olive oil, but you can also replace it with any refined oil, even with refined sunflower oil, which is closest to chemical composition to the olive oil.

The oil must be poured directly to the top, it needs to stay the least possible space for oxidation. For that amount you will need about one liter of oil.

In the picture you see how the jar of nettles is placed in the light, to pay attention to the fact, that nettle particles are deep dark and the oil transparent: When the curative oil is ready, the picture will be different: the nettle will be transparent and the oil will be dark . This will mean that the oil has extracted all essential oils from nettle and other medicinal substances.

Now you need to keep the oil in a dark and cool place, but in no case in the refrigerator. In about two weeks the nettle will become transparent. To improve the extraction process, you can occasionally shake the jar slightly.

When the oil is ready, it is necessary to filter through a cheesecloth in a clean glass container and store it in a dark and cool place, even though it will not get worse at room temperature.
Your nettle oil is ready! Do not forget to wear gloves.

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