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These Are The First Symptoms Of Pregnancy That Every Woman Needs To Know How To Do A Test With Iodine

Pregnancy could be desirable or undesirable. But in both cases it is good to know the first signs

In the woman’s life, sooner or later comes a moment.

In the first days after conception, everything is happening too quickly to be able to diagnose accurately … Then comes the basic signs, that could inform subsequent pregnancy!

What are the early signs of pregnancy?

1. In the first days after the attachment of the embryo in the uterus (implantation of the embryo is the time of pregnancy), a woman may feel swelling and soreness in the chest. This shows the hypersensitivity of the mammary glands. Often, even a slight touch can cause discomfort.

2. Discomfort and pelvic weight also begins to disturb women after implantation of the embryo. This feeling is quite individual and can happen to every woman in a different way.

3. In the first days after conception, many favorite things can become intolerable Women are able to easily change their preferences in the diet: something they loved before pregnancy can now seem unsettling.

4. In the ovulation period, women have an abundant viscous, transparent or milky white stream. This facilitates the movement of sperm and provides them with a safe home environment for 3-5 days. After ovulation the nature of the stream changes. It becomes thicker, and remains so until the first days of menstruation.

7-10 days after conception, some women may have a yellowish, red or brownish current. This shows the attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall. The implantation process takes about 40 hours, after which the embryonic development begins until the 8th week of pregnancy.

5. During implantation of the embryo the woman’s body is in shock of the current events. Therefore, increasing body temperature to 37 degrees is a normal phenomenon.

6. Often, in the first days after the embryo transfer, the woman feels fatigue and tiredness. The cause of the disease is fever and decreased immunity. The fact is that during this period the female body responds to the embryo as a foreign object and tries to fight it.

7. A simple and natural pregnancy test. You will need a piece of white paper, a little iodine and fresh urine. The paper are moistened with urine and a few drops of iodine are dripped. If iodine does not change its color – there is no pregnancy. In pregnancy, iodine reacts to become purple or violet in color.

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