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This Is The Flower Which Can Save Your Life, And You Are Only Using It To Decorate The Garden

A powerful flower called Buganvilia, in other countries is also known as Santa Rita, Veranera or Trinitaria, these names are given to the region to which it belongs,but in the end it is the same plant and maybe you did not know that this plant, which we normally used to decorate our homes, could save lives.

Let’s talk a little about this plant, Buganvilia is a beautiful climbing plant or tangled type, which grows on any soil, as it adapts to all types of climate, it can grow very high, depending on its variety it can reach 12 meters high. The characteristics of these beautiful flowers are their brilliant and surprising colors, making them stand out above any other.

On the other hand, In any country, the advantages of Buganville are exploited, which indicates that this plant has a positive effect on the organism.

And remember that Buganvilia not only serves to color our gardens, but is able to transform our body

The healing properties of flowers

Antitussive: Reduces dry cough.

Exfoliator: Helps eliminate mucus from the upper respiratory tract (throat bronchi…).

Antipyretic (Fever Reduction): The antipyretic effect of Buganvili is practically instantaneous.

Improves the respiratory system: it contributes to the good functioning of the lungs and their ability to oxygenate the body.

It helps in balancing the digestive system: in this case, it is not the flowers but the roots and leaves that are taken into the center stage. In the case of root, they have a laxative effect, and the leaves cause constipation. So you can choose one or the other option.

Promotes Skin Care: Buganvilia is recognized because of its antiseptic properties, especially on the skin, thus helping to fight acne, infection and breakage. If you have acne or have skinned skin, with Buganvilie’s antiseptic effect, you can clean it out of bacteria that cause rash. In addition, this will help control the skin’s toxicity by cleansing deeply.

Accelerate Healing: To do that, just soak the wound in cold infusion of flowers of Bougainville.

Purification: For those who want to detoxify their body from toxic substances, this can be obtained thanks to Buganvili because it can help cleanse all of the toxins in us and also our organs, such as the liver, work much better after detoxification.

How to prepare an infusion of this flower?

Cut fresh flowers directly from the plant and rinse them with lots of cold water to remove impurities. Boil water in a saucepan, after boils, place the flowers inside. Turn off the heat when the water changes its color to a hue that resembles the hue of the bougainvillea flowers that are used, leave for a few minutes, after that strain it and preparation is ready for use. Finally add 1 tablespoon of honey to the infusion.

Remember that the infusion is very hot.

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