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I’ve Canceled The Appointment Of A Dentist – I just do not need it! Since They Showed It To Me, I Clean My Teeth For 5 Minutes!

Cleaning of tartar, as well as any visit to the dentist, is an unpleasant procedure. That is why today we offer several preventive methods to help prevent tartar and plaque and fight against the already available.

Remove plaque

These popular recipes do not damage the tooth enamel, they simply soften the plaque or even tartar, contributing to easier cleaning of the teeth. Due to the natural antiseptic effect, the decoctions also serve to disinfect the mouth and prevent the plaque from coming out!

Decoction of lime-blossom

You will need:

4 tablespoons lime blossom
4 tablespoons dry flakes of sunflower seeds, without kernel
1 liter of water


Prepare a potion: in the warm water run the linden blossom and the crushed flakes sunflower, allow the mixture to boil, then cool slightly and strain the liquid.

Wash your teeth with an ordinary toothpaste. Then rinse them with the lukewarm decoction.

Rinse your mouth with the potion, every day in the morning and evening, and a week later you will notice that there is no trace of a rough plaque!

Sunflower husks are not always available, but do not worry! They can be replaced by oak bark, which is easy to find in herbal pharmacies. Decoction of lime blossom is useful for rinsing the mouth and those who wear prosthesis or dental implants. This will protect you from all inflammatory processes!

Decoction of horsetail

You will need:

30 g of horsetail
1 cup of water


1. Prepare a potion – in the hot pan boil the horsetail.
2. Take the potion 2 times a day 1/3 cup within 15 minutes after a meal.
3. The duration of this prophylactic course is 20 days.

Note: If you have kidney problems, the horsetail is contraindicated!

Horsetail is a remarkable anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent. If your teeth are prone to plaque, always try the strength of the curative drink! In addition, the horsetail improves blood circulation: it is very useful for periodontal disease.

Well, it turns out that cleaning a plaque is not as difficult as you think! Of course, this does not mean that you should stop going to the dentist! Prevention is the most important thing!

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