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Why You Need To Burn A Bay Leaf At Home

If you want your home to always smell fresh and clean and at the same time without artificial smell, there are ways to achieve this effect with the help of natural resources.

One of them is the bay leaf, which, apart from being used in the kitchen, can also serve as a means of cleaning the home from various unpleasant odors and odors of moisture.

All you have to do is burn some dry leaves..

The results you can expect are really amazing:

1. The odor of bay leaf acts as an analgesic, in which the body actively releases endorphins.

2. Soothes the nervous system.

3. The smell of bay leaf has the power to prevent epileptic seizures.

4. Supports the problem of insomnia.

5. Improves airway cleaning.

6. Apart from health, it is very effective in fighting insects, because its scent is scared for insects and is not harmful to children or pets.

So, burn a few sheets and leave the room for 10 minutes. When you return, you will notice, that in the room apart from the scent, the atmosphere itself changes.

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