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16-Year-Old Girl With “Rapunzel Syndrome” Reportedly Dies After Eating Own Hair

Jasmine Beever was taken to hospital unconscious. Although the medics managed to stabilize her in just 15 minutes, she died soon after.

The reason was peritonitis, due to the accumulated hair in her stomach, reported Independent, Jasmine’s family is in shock of what happened.

“She was a caring and cheerful girl and one of those kids where she would make a sad face in the room smile” – her relatives say. This condition is known as the Rapunzel syndrome, and in medicine it is known as trichophagia.

A rare psychiatric disorder, in which the affected have an uncontrollable desire to remove hair from their body, mostly from the scalp, and swallow them. Over time, the hair builds up in the stomach and this can lead to perforation of the intestine. In some people, the condition occurs because of severe stress, and in others – the act is completely unconscious. The syndrome affects children, but occurs in older people as well. The surgical removal of stomach hairs in almost all severe cases is mandatory.

The intervention of a psychotherapist is also needed in the treatment of the Syndrome. In August 2016, doctors rescued a child suffering from Rapunzel’s syndrome. The specialists from the Department of Pediatric Surgery drew about 3 kilogram hair from the stomach of a 12-year-old girl.

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