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8 Things You Should Do Tonight After 8 PM

1. Spend time with the people you love

Never forget to spend quality time with those who love you.

If after a hard day you sit on the couch next to each other with your cell phones in hand – this is not a good time spent in common.

Human contact is extremely beneficial both physically and emotionally. It causes release of oxytocin – a “hormone of attachment”, which helps to reduce stress, increases the sense of security and even decreases the level of cortisol.

Here are some tips on how to spend more time with your loved ones, even as (very busy) employed professionals:

  • Advance your plan. Coordinate the schedule and release the evening / weekend if needed.
  • Organize specific activities. Do not just say “Let’s do something”, plan something specific. Go for dinner together, shopping or just walk around the park.
  • Turn off the technology. Just keep your cell phone away while you hang out with someone.
  • Listen. You will have to invest time and energy to learn how to really communicate with someone in order to really know and understand what is happening in their lives. But that’s worth it.

Do not underestimate the value of casual phrase such as “good morning” and “how are you”. Even if you can not personally meet, send SMS to the person you love .

2. Take care of yourself

This is another great way to improve your mental health. Try to spend some time taking care of yourself every day. Maybe you’ll need it for about 15 minutes. So there is no need to feel guilty about spending time focusing on yourself.

Here are some simple procedures that anyone can do.

  • Go for a walk
  • Take a bath
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Read on
  • Prepare a delicious meal
  • Play with your pet
  • Make yourself up
  • Plan a two-day holiday for the next weekend

3. Clear your mind

Every night you need to “turn off” and restart your mind. Get rid of that constant “voice in your head” that tells you about all the things you should worry about.

Meditation is the simplest and fastest way to relax and clear your mind. After a hard day and 10 minutes of meditation you will have many immediate benefits like a better mood, less stress and less mental chatter.

4. Account And Report

Put your experiences and thoughts on paper. Take as much time as you need. If something important happened you might even want to spend a few hours in the chronicles … but if it’s just a normal day, a few minutes may be enough. It’s completely up to you.

It will help you to excite, calm down, look at the broader picture, understand a better picture, and build your peace.

Here are some tips to guide your chronic:

  • Write down the date each time you record events
  • Take as much time as you need
  • Do not worry too much about the regularity
  • Do not think too much
  • Keep and re-read what you have written
  • Be honest with yourself

5. Say “thank you”

And it will not take too much time. In fact, just write three minutes in your diary for 3 things you are grateful (or just think about it).

Do not overdo it, let it be personally and let it be something you’re really thankful for. This may be a little bit small, for example, thanksgiving for coming home sooner or your boss praised for your business.

6. Prepare for tomorrow

If you want to avoid the stress and rush the next day, plan your day in advance:

  • Prepare your bag
  • Choose what to wear
  • Prepare breakfast and lunch
  • Think about what to do when you wake up
  • Visualize your day
  • Make a plan for that day
  • If there is something you can do today instead of tomorrow – do that

7. Tidy up

I’m not talking here about spring cleaning. Just a few minutes to clean your home, so you wake up in a neat space. Wash the dishes. You can even empty trash. Think about how you feel good when you go in the morning in the kitchen. That’s what fixes the mood.

Hang the clothes you wore that day, remove any small pieces that are left in their pockets, old bills and the like. And do not mess in the bathroom when you get ready to go to bed.

8. Go to bed at the usual routine

Take some time to relax before going to bed and go to bed at the same time each day. The evening routine will ensure that next day you are happy and productive.

Here are some examples you can include in your evening routine (one hour before bed):

  • Do not think about work
  • Turn off completely
  • Take a bathe
  • Make a list of tasks for the next day
  • Write a diary
  • Go in the evening walk
  • Meditate

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