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Cancer is Modern and 100% Man-Made Disease!

After studying Egyptian mummies, it came to the conclusion that cancer disease was completely produced and induced by man.

The study, which tested the ancient mummies and examined fossils and classical literature, found that tumors were rare and almost did not exist on our planet, but pollution, poor diet, and high-quality food became one of the most realistic issues increasing the risk of serious and frightening illnesses.

The study showed that “the virtual absence of malignancies” in mummies is interpreted as rare or non-existent, indicating that the factors causing cancer are limited only to societies affected by modern industrialization. ”

The study was conducted by professors trying to find the roots of cancer in the hope of finding a solution to prevent this ever-present disease.

In industrialized societies, after cardiovascular disease, cancer is a disease that causes death. But in ancient times it was very rare. There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause this disease. So, cancer is an artificial disease due to pollution, diet and lifestyle changes.

The disease affects mainly the youth. Their poor and non-organic diets can affect their life being affected by this disease. From accurate statistics on people in ancient Egypt there was no affected among young people.

So, the ancient Egyptian data, along with other data from the entire millennium, has given modern society a clear message: “Cancer is a Man Made Disease”

Scientists claim that:

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet,
Exercise of regular physical activity,
Maintaining a healthy weight,
and living in a quiet and clean air environment, all contribute to reducing cancer risk

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