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How To Look Always Good On Photos, Like A Real Star, Tricks You Need To Know!

Each of us wants to look confident and beautiful when shooting it, but quite often we do not know how to pose and because of the wrong posture and the unfavorable angle, we are wasting the opportunity for great footage. Today we will give you 10 tips that will always look good on a photo.

These simple postures will highlight the curves of your body and cover the small flaws.

Position # 1

This is one of the simplest postures, and it does miracles.

Place one hand on the hips and the other on the waist. Because of the distance between the arms and the torso, your waist and arms look finer.

Position # 2

This posture is very similar to the first, but this time one hand is relaxed by the body. You have to look straight at the lens and your body slightly sloping in the direction of the relaxed hand.

Position # 3

If there is a fence, a railing or a table nearby, you can lean on them. The hands should be placed on the side of the body and the weight will fall on them. And be careful not to lift your shoulders too high, because that will shorten your neck.

Position # 4

You do not always have to do something specific with your hands or feet, sometimes it is enough to put them in a natural, relaxed position. The hands can be on your lap or on one foot as shown in the picture. The important thing to remember is that your body will look the best if you put your weight on one side in such a position.

Position # 5

It’s always a good idea to lean on the elbow, but the picture should be taken sideways. This posture will highlight the curves of your body, and your arms will stand out. The pose is suitable for both outdoor and indoor photos.

Position # 6

Very often the simplest postures are the most successful. Take out your weight to one side and slightly bent at the waist while leaning on the railing. So your silhouette will be in the form of the letter S.

Position # 7

This is the perfect posture for a portrait. Bend your arms down your elbows, place them on the raised surface and gently tilt your head to one side.

Position #8

Any lines you have found in your photo will attract attention to the most important thing in photography – you! You can lean on a branch (or other similar object) as shown in the picture, but do not give up all of your weight on it. This posture is also ideal for portraits.

Position # 9

If you do not know what to do with your hands – do not worry! Just put them behind you or in your pockets. This great posture is also very easy to perform. And another tip – make sure you have nothing but your hands in your pockets, otherwise it will come out in an unnatural way

Position # 10

This is the simplest post for a portrait shot! A picture taken from this angle will make your face weaker. And do not forget to straighten your shoulders and raise your chin.

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