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NOW IT’S OFFICIAL: FDA Announced That Vaccines Are Causing Autism!

Have you ever wondered if your child enters the so called. “Black Statistics”, which are intended for the proposed depopulation of our planet?

How can somebody be miserable and force people to lead their kids to vaccinations, although there are signs in the official site of Food and Drug Administration, that says vaccines can cause autism?

Is there anyone on this planet that would risk the child’s life due to a pharmaceutical mafia which just on a “cocktail of toxins” they know how to earn huge amounts of money, but also performs a depopulation!

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  1. I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead one from an easily preventable disease… Selfish asses. You won’t love your kid if it has autism? Let’s see the study that “doesn’t link autism to the increased use of “Roundup”…

    • Thank you my son has autism while he is a little harder to handle then normal kids he is smarter and opinionated he is perfect the way he . They need to stop using kids like mine as fear tactics. They can have perfectly normal lives with the right help from their parents . And about this in for they gave where are the sites the place where this magical info came from any medical names that can me looked for nothing is sited so nothing is proved just more anti-vaxxer fear mongering sadly

      • I just want to get clarification. Was your child born with autism or affected by vaccinations?

        • A child born with autism usually inherited it from the mother. Girls are less susceptible to the mutation gene that lead to autism than boys. If this girl that has the gene got pregnant, she will likely to pass it on to her child. There also other factors that lead to autism like having a child birth complication.

      • well said christina xxxxxxxxx

  2. Where is the link or reference to a credible source or sources that validate this claim?

  3. This paragraph doesn’t prove anything. My G-son I’m raising has Autism . I would like more than a couple sentences and some scientific proof. I also agree with Lenae…

  4. I hope you guys know that the Dr that claimed that vaccines were causing autism lost his license to practice after the FDA learned that he falsified his research. Any knowledgeable individual knows that the first signs of autism can be noticed usually around 18 months. It just happens to be a coincidence that the vaccine is given around the same time. As an RN we have had many classes by psychologist professors that are able to debunk these false claims.

    • Signs of autism can be observed in infants as young as 6 months but they are not as apparent until around 18 months.

  5. Why in the world are you guys sticking up for the pharmaceutical industry..? Trust me if they didn’t have to put this as a possible side effect they wouldn’t have they put it on the label because its the truth..Think about it wake up

  6. I’m just sick of people sticking up for vaccines there’s 36 by the time the child is 5 years old . Even the word autism only got popular around 12-15 years ago . Time for a wake up call .

  7. OK! My daughter has Autism. Her vaccines were the cause of it. I remember this one day my daughter and I went into the doctors for her vaccines There was a mother in there that I started talking to and her son was sever Autisic. She asked if we were getting vaccines. I told her “Yes”. She looked at me concerned and told me she didn’t judge or she’s not against them but her son was great and thriving before. She just told me be careful and I should look further into them. I smiled said Thank You for info. I thought maybe she was doing a blaming game or she was frustrated. However I’m open minded to certain things. I questioned that day but proceeded on and told myself my child needed them to stay healthy. My daughter was doing great at that time, talking, saying sentences, right on target. Low and behold my daughter has Autism. Would We change her? NO! I love her regardless. I have full documentation that my doctor found that she was fine prior and after given vaccines ,she’s Autisic. I’m not against vaccines at all, I just want everyone to know and research what they put in their child. I wished I took that time and would have checked. Am I angry or trying to blame? NO! What’s that going to do… My life goes on and I have the BEST little girl ever! I wouldn’t change her for the world, prior or now. She has taught me so much and I’m still learning. If you believe it or not, please be respectful to those that live this life. I know people want to blame vaccines for everything and in a lot of cases it isn’t the cause but in some of our cases it is. Don’t be ignorant about it either. Learn and do your research. Have a heart and try to understand these beautiful children. They are the best regardless how it came about. You do need to understand… I do feel that our children are being treated as lab rats. I believe in doctors but I also believe in all natural now. My child will never get another vaccine. She’s healthy and thriving without it.

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