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Check Out The First Symptoms of Cancer On The Palms!

Your palms may be the first indication that you have cancer

The palms are one of the most commonly used parts of the body. Check them well and if you notice any signs, immediately go to the doctor to react in time.

Dry and cracked palms

Although it is quite normal for the palms to remain dry due to time or manual labor, it happens in care, when neither creams nor lotions help. In this case you should visit a doctor. Dry skin of the hands, such as a change in color, may indicate that there is a more serious problem.

Swollen hands

Cancer is known to cause changes in the body, so if you notice something odd, you should immediately visit a doctor. If your hands and arms get swollen, seek professional help immediately.

Pain in your hands

If for some reason you feel pain in your hands, this may be one of the symptoms of cancer. Cancer causes pain in various organs, including hands. The cancer of a completely different part of the body can be manifested by pain in the palms.

Other Cancer Symptoms

Hands are just one of the possible symptoms. Sudden weight loss, hoarseness, constant fatigue, irritation and prolonged cough can also be signs of cancer.

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