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My Sister Sprinkled Some Salt On The Window Sill, And When I Understood Why, I Immediately Did It!

Windows have a magical ability to attract luck, to evade evil forces and to bring harmony to the occupants of the home. But their unusual properties must be triggered by ourselves.

Here’s how it works:

– in order to be lucky in the house, the windows must have white curtains.

They will protect us from evil forces, spells, enemies. If for some reason you do not want your curtains to be white, then at least choose ones in a lighter color. It is believed that black, like the other dark colors, would rather attract negative energy;

– An old ritual says, you can build an invisible barrier to protect your family by placing a tortoise or piglet figure on the window. They will keep your loved ones and attract money and success in the life of their members.

– If you think that there is a failure in your life lately, you can use an old ritual that is very easy to perform. Just sprinkle some salt on the windowsill;

– windowpanes should be washed regularly and not only to maintain cleanness, but also because the energy is renewed in the home.

It is also recommended that at least once every few months the windows are cleaned with bicarbonate and lemon juice – a mixture that is said to remove the negative energy;

– if you have the opportunity, and of course, if that’s your taste, get a painting glass. It is believed that windows with such beautiful paintings scare the evil ghosts and also do not allow the negative energy enter in the house ;

– if you want to get money, wait for the next full moon. When you see the moon through your window, leave your empty wallet on the ledge and leave it there until the next morning. Perform the ritual again when already seen the new moon, but this time put the money in the purse;

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