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Wrap Your Foot With Foil And Wait An Hour – What Will Happen Will Surprise You And Your Doctor!

The thin sheets of aluminum foil are not really an invention of our civilization. Foil treatment is practiced in ancient China: the foil is applied to the biologically active points that are responsible for the work of the diseased organs.

Today you will learn how to get rid of annoying joint pain by using only one sheet of this wonderful material.

All the relief you will experience is due to the reflective properties and the incredible healing effect of the foil. Do not hesitate to try the cheapest, most enjoyable and painless treatment of the joints. And do not even doubt the effect that will follow, because it will even surprise the doctors.

A detailed description of the method by which foil treatment occurs is first described by the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. Aluminum foil can treat cold, sciatica, cervical osteochondrosis and even gout!

Aluminum foil is applied to the inflamed area where pains are, thus reflecting the energy meridian from which they originate. This has a positive effect on the sick organ associated with the meridian, and the pain disappears.

Aluminum foil treatment is too easy and affordable to try it out and not take advantage of the relief it will bring.

What must be done? Wrap the affected area with a foil, for example your leg. Then fix it with a suitable tight bandage. The film should be applied to the inflamed area on its shiny side. Keep it as long as you can, it is best to sleep with it for several nights. Apply until you feel relieved and until the pains are gone.

And that’s all you have to do!

Great effect has this therapy when the weather starts to change. Maybe most of you have happened, after several sunny days in a row, to feel painful, watching the cloudy sky. Save yourself. Take some foil and get rid of the pain in the joints – now and immediately!

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